In addition to service and maintenance, the experts at VRF Services of Texas can also provide on-going system monitoring to help keep your VRF equipment running reliably, maintaining optimal efficiency, lasting longer with VRFS Connect.


What is VRFS Connect?

With VRFS Connect, we can keep your building running right. We use cellular internet connectivity to stay in touch with your on-site Daikin iTouch Manager to keep a watchful eye on your VRF system. When your iTouch Manager has performance or error message data, VRFS Connect communicators send out emails to notify our receiving center, and any maintenance or operation staff from your facility who opts in to the notifications. This intelligent communication network keeps your team, and ours, in the loop at all times.

Take advantage of VRFS Connect to enable your maintenance staff to spot HVAC problems early, recognize problems remotely, and in some cases, fix problems remotely or proactively schedule a service call from a VRFS trained technician. Contact us today (link to contact page) to learn more about how VRFS Connect can give you peace of mind with advanced system monitoring.

Markets We Serve:


Retail, office, and hospitality


Education, laboratory, and healthcare



VRF Services of Texas is proudly serving the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas, and our technicians are trained on systems from Daikin, LG, Carrier, Mitsubishi, and more.

VRFS Connect Advantage

Stream of information

HVAC systems consume roughly 40 percent of the energy used in an average commercial building. Without ongoing attention, HVAC systems can cost more to run and put building owners and managers at increased risk for expensive downtime, emergency repairs, or uncomfortable occupants.

Real-time data can reduce the trouble of unexpected issues and repairs. Recognition and detection of changes in system operation enhances performance by correcting the issue before it results in a system breakdown.

Preventing breakdowns

Trusted Support

With fault codes and data provided by the monitoring system, VRFS technicians receive advanced indication of the cause of trouble and are better equipped to provide prompt resolution of the issue.

Contact Us

Contact VRF Services of Texas to learn how we can keep your system running smoothly with ongoing monitoring from VRFS Connect.

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